Order Fulfillment and Custom Orders

Order Fulfillment

My store lists pieces for sale that I have in physical inventory and some that are sold out. 

1. Items in inventory will ship within 3 days. 

2. Sold out items will take 6-10 weeks to make piece and prepare for shipping. I allow extra time in case special glass needs to be ordered.  If I have the glass in stock, the time will be shorter.

3. Glass prices may change. If prices change, you will be notified before shipping. 

4. Stands are only sold along with a glass piece.  If you want to buy multiple stands contact me. I can give you information on how to order from the vendor.  


Custom Orders

1. Custom pieces are made on request. Please complete the  form provided.   I will speak with you to make sure I fully understand what you want. 

2. If we both agree that on the custom request, I will give you an estimated price.

3.  A 25% deposit is required to start the work.  If you decide not to take the piece, the deposit is forfeited.  It is always my goal to make exactly the piece you want. 

4. I do not create exact replicas of art done by other glass artists.  I can make something of a similar style and colors but respect the effort and creativity of others.  Their work belongs to them as my work belongs to me.